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I was reflecting upon something in the shower today. A few things, I guess. It's interesting, if I had a computer just outside of the shower I could probably sit down and write a book as the water streamed off of me. Remove me from the shower by half an hour and my brain stops glowing. That was one of the things I was thinking about.

The other thing was my first friend. I'm really not sure about the chronology of it, but I was looking back at my "friends" post, and I realized I hadn't entered one. The reason? He's dead. When I was young, I had two friends. One was Kenny, but I also had a friend named John, who was the son of some friends of my parents. I went over his house for his birthday one year, and before his next birthday he and his mother were in a car accident. His mother lived, but he died. I really only have vague memories of him with a couple of exceptions.

I remember that he would sled with us when it snowed. Back then, the hill on the side of the house was configured somewhat differently, and there was a small mound of earth at the bottom. We used to slide down the hill on a sled and up the mound (which was 3-4 feet tall) and use it like a jump. I remember one time John and I were going down in different sleds at the same time, we both jumped the mound at the same time, but we bumped in to each other in mid-air. He went crashing to the ground and I landed normally and continued sledding. He was fine, but it was just one of those memorable events.

The other time, we were both at the beach at Long Pond. We were still pretty young, but we were pretending there were girls under the water or something. I remember John yelled something about that to my parents. There wasn't any deep meaning to this event, it was just something that I can remember after all these years. Well, and I was sort of embarassed at the time.

Another memory just surfaced. I was in school (fifth grade?) sitting at my seat, which was behind John's. He had stood up for some reason, and when he went to sit back down, I wrapped my feet around the legs of the chair and moved it backwards just a bit. This caused his aim and weight to be wrong so he ended up crashing down to the ground. The teacher scolded me and had me stand outside the class for a while. I was doing it as a prank, but in my mind I also was doing it because we were friends so it wouldn't bother him much. My memory fades here, but I don't really recall how he reacted to it (he might have been mad).

Strange to think about. John was friends with a lot of kids in school, who would all grow up to be the crowd I was outside of. I remember one or two people being at his birthday party who I was sort of friends with at the time, but by the end of Middle School we were either indifferent or even antagonistic.

I feel like there should be some great ending or moral to this post, but I really can't think of one. The glow of my brain has long turned to dying cinders.. or perhaps it was all just fool's gold.

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