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A tail of my ass

So the weather has finally turned nice. Naturally, since I have been pessimistic of late, it would only make sense from this point of view that something bad should happen. Really, it's not a super-huge thing, but there I was, swinging on the hammock outside the house. I was about ready to get off, so I was swinging a bit harder leading up to a small jump dismount. However, before I could get to a reasonable speed, the rope on the hammock broke and I landed on my ass on sort of hard and rocky ground. This was yesterday (Tuesday) before work. It didn't seem too bad, but by the end of the night, mostly sitting on my ass, it was pretty sore. Today it's not as bad. Hopefully it will improve and won't be a big deal, but it just sucks that the days are warm, but instead of being able to relax and maybe excersize or something, I'm sort of chained down as far as the amount of motion I can go through without feeling pain.

Oh well, maybe I'll feel better AND it will be sunny next week.

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