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Tabula Rasa

I was a little dissapointed with Anime Boston 2005. Mainly my issue is that there were a number of technical difficulties, combined with a couple of events, which made the staff appear to be somewhat incompetent or amature. While I could list the details, I simply don't really feel like it. I'll point out the positive, in that Scott McNeil was once again a genius during Who's Line is it Anime.

I was pondering journal entries, among other things, as I drove home last night. It seemed like I had things that I could write about, but I never seem to feel like it when I'm near a computer. Plus my thoughts seem more clear when I'm not able to write them down (driving, showering). I sort of had this idea where I'd list my current statuses of things, so as to more clearly see what I need to do to move towards correcting the things I feel are wrong. Here's a starting/partial list....

Job: I hardly care about my job these days. It's benefits are that it's extremely easy and pays decently. It's detriments are that the tasks I generally have to do are menial, and it doesn't pay well enough for me to outright purchase a house. Ideally I'd like to make enough to be able to get a house AND have enough money left over for emergencies.

Weight: Clearly I'm overweight. I would like to lose about 90 lbs. I would be happy with losing about 60 lbs. I've stopped drinking sodas for now and try to just drink water or flavored water. I'll get the occasional flavorful beverage, but cutting calories in this manner will help. I also need to excersize. It doesn't have to be heavy, and I don't need to build muscle (though that would be nice too), but it has to be enough that I'm burning more calories than I take in.

Social Life: Working a second shift job, it is relatively difficult to have a social life. Most people have evenings off, this is when I am working. Additionally, I still live at home. This is somewhat more common these days, but it is still something I'd like to alter before getting a girlfriend. Ideally it shouldn't be an issue, but I just feel as though I would present myself better if I had my own place.

Home: As mentioned above, I'd like to get my own house. Aside from the already mentioned reasons, I think it would allow for me to more easily control my diet (I'd have full control over the pantry and refrigerator) and it would give me more space to store my stuff. As it stands now, I have a bunch of stuff in my room that I don't really want to throw out, but I don't really have anywhere to put it either.

Knowledge: I used to read books a lot and would gather information at a decent rate. These days I hardly read much of anything, aside from idly surfing the web. This is detrimental both to my mental health, as well as to my ability to move on to a different job. To be able to get a new career, or at least move to a different company, I have to demonstrate that I have skills and that I am a viable employee for whatever task they may want me to do. My current feeling about my knowledge is that I have forgotten quite a bit and that my ability to pass a technical interview would be rather low. Of course, I've been pondering taking up writing. This is a job that would require a lot of self motivation and effort on my part, and it might not pay well, but the lack of travel would be a pleasant change from my current routine, and it might be nice to be my own boss to some degree. A question I dwell on is whether I should get an English degree, or if I have enough skills that I wouldn't really need much more training before starting on this path.

That's it for now. I'll post more if and when I think of it.

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