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A very long time ago my hands were clear of warts. Then a bit before I started working at the arcade, a wart grew on my thumb. It's vaguely annoying, although it's placement isn't especially bad. Then, around the time I started working at Genuity a wart grew on the same hand on my middle finger. This one is right at the fingertip, on the side where you might get a hangnail. My ring finger is just long enough to touch it, so if I'm not really doing much it's possible I might notice it and be thinking about it.

Anyways, last week I tried some of the new Compound W Freeze-Off. I used it on my thumb wart since that one isn't quite as likely to be constantly touching something. It says that after a week the wart should simply fall off, but it hasn't. Of course, when I applied the stuff, it made the skin around the wart somewhat sore but essentially it didn't seem like I had really done much damage to it. So this Wednesday night I hit the one on my middle finger. That one turned quite white and now there's a small blister on the far end of the wart from my ring finger. It's sort of weird, but personally I'd almost prefer to see a giant blister around the whole thing, since then I'd know that some damage had been done to the area, even though it might end up being more uncomfortable.

Oh well, I'll keep hitting the things with the stuff until they do fall off, though I'm hopeful that I won't have to hit the middle finger any more.

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