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Nights and days

This past Saturday, Jim, Bill and myself went to the Cape for dinner and a movie. We went to the Way Ho China Bay in Buzzards Bay, though we had intended to go to the Way Ho Grille (which was right behind it). I had a fish dinner in a "spicy Hunan sauce", but it was just a mildly sweet sauce which did not elicit much of a positive response from the taste buds.

After that we went and saw Kung Fu Hustle at the "Nickelodeon" theater which is basically right off of a highway in Falmouth. The theater itself was very small, but pleasant enough. We were an hour early, and Bill wasted about 20 minutes talking to the cashier woman about.. god only knows what. Legos and robots and stuff, most likely. Jim and I mostly just stood around outside and took in the scenery. Anyways, we saw the movie, and I have to say that it was pretty good. The acting was in Chinese with English subtitles. Since this was mostly an action film, that wasn't too problematic. The action ranged from somewhat brutal (though stylized and with very little blood) to Looney Tunes style deformations and movements. There was some comedy but I would say that the main focus of the film was on kung fu. Thankfully, this movie lacked a couple flaws that most modern action films seem to take as standard features. For one, there was no blurry/unsteady-cam during any of the fight sequences. For the other, there was a very bare minimum of wirework that actually looked like wirework. As much of an artistic gem as Crouching Tiger was, it still *looked* like people were floating around by some means other than their own natural movements. Anyways, I would definitely reccommend Kung Fu Hustle.

After that, I pretty much had to go to bed, since I was covering the day shift on Sunday. I ended up getting about five hours of sleep, but thankfully it was very quiet so I was able to watch the rest of my Wolf's Rain collection and take about a two hour nap. For the next two weeks I'm going in at 3pm, since one of the day shift guys is off during that time, and the other is working a 7-3 shift.

That's it for now. I had an interesting shower think the other day, sort of a solliloquy on life, death, and dreams. I may try to write it down, but only if the mood strikes me.

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