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Hm, it's snowing lightly. I usually like snow, but I'm curious how the drive in to work is going to be. If not for that, I'd give it a hearty thumbs up.

Bill came over, and eventually we played some Warcraft III. I hadn't actually gotten into the game before then, but I ended up playing through the human campaign. Sorta odd, I always think of them as Terran in my head. But, of course, that's not even true.. presumably. So I stayed up a ways in to the morning, and hence I've just woken up about 40 minutes ago and still feel like I need about twelve hours more sleep. ;+)

Ho hum, I keep intending to clear out the pile of books in the middle of my room, but I just never get around to it. I pulled a bunch of my books out of my bookcase for Maggie, but then I just left them in a pile on the floor. Then, I need to expand my anime shelves upwards, if that'll actually work and get me more space.

My alarm clock has two triggers, and I set them five minutes apart. Of course, I almost always shut the first one off and then only start moving when the second one goes. In those five minutes I had some sort of dream.. I don't remember the details, exactly. There was some reason I was driving at night. I don't know if I had any powers to speak of, but I might have been part of some sort of organization. I dunno. Anyways, my car had broken down, and it was on a rural street. I was like a mile or something from where I was headed, or else it was near where my nana lives, or something. Anyways, I'm walking down the street, and someone else is just getting home. They wave me over, and there's the implication that they'll help me with my being broken down. I'm pretty sure it was a male, and possibly a teenager or something. They were the child of the people at the house, anyways. Then when I went in to the house, it was in sort of a garage/basement type area. Flat, smooth concrete floors. But there were cobwebs everywhere. I stuck my hand out and it felt like electricity but in my dream mind I knew that it was this mass of spider web. There was this, almost a wall of cobweb/spider web stuff. And I'm pretty sure I saw a couple spider legs, just the bottom portion of them, and those were much longer than I was tall. Then the second alarm trigger went off and I woke up.

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