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Elfen Lied

Just watched the first disc of Elfen Lied with Bill. Well, he watched the first three episodes, then left, but I watched the fourth one. The initial feeling I get while watching it is that it was a dating game turned anime, I'll have to research that.

I guess there are a few defining characteristics of dating game anime. First of all, the main character is a male and is relatively average. Secondly, there are a few females around which seem to all have reasons for wanting the main character, even if those reasons are somewhat contrived (as they often are). Third, the females are generally pretty cute. Fourth, there is some underlying drama that moves the plot forward. Fifth, the plot is third rate, or if you're lucky it might be second rate. Sixth, the writing is probably about the same. Seventh, the main character has to come in to non-sexual but still intimate contact with at least one character as a recurring event. If we're talking H-games then obviously you can scratch the "non-sexual" aspect, but on the other hand I'm not generally interested in getting hentai.

The major plot point which differentiates this from other dating game style anime is that one of the females (ostensibly the lead female) is schizofrenic, one half cloyingly cute but stupid (a fairly blatant Chii ripoff) named Nyu, and one half psychotic serial killer named Lucy. The difficulty with this is that, generally speaking, the lead female should also tend to be the most generally desirable female. But in the case of Nyu, it is somewhat difficult to find her appealing, since she can transform in to Lucy at inopportune times and.. y'know.. KILL you. Not quite prime mate material.

Beyond that, the writing so far has been somewhat below par, as expected. While I'd be quite happy to be surprised by certain things not happening, I feel as though they've already telegraphed that certain events will happen in the future, and won't be surprised at all when they happen. For instance, Lucy is fighting a particularly adept soldier. Naturally, she kills him.. no wait, she starts to strangle him and then turns back in to Nyu who runs away... after she's cut off both arms and poked his eyes out. I wouldn't be able to guess that eventually he might.. oh... come back and perhaps inflict some damage on either Nyu or one of the other characters while they are in some manner helpless. Nope. Don't see that happening. There is an amusing scene when he's in a hospital after the fight where he's informed that he needs to have his balls cut off. But since he was injured and didn't die, I see him as being a seed of bitterness which will inflict some damage at some later date. Oh well.

I guess there is one other notable element of this anime, namely, an abundance of breast and butt shots. That, and a lot of blood and dismemberment.

Bill and I went to Dartmouth to do some shopping. While I was in Barnes and Noble I sort of felt uneasy for no real reason, and for once in a long time I was able to tell myself to feel ok, and I did. It was sort of nice. My normal operating paramaters include some level of soreness in my head and neck, but for a few minutes I was able to feel free of pain in my whole body.

I feel as though I probably have a decent level of regenerative power, but with the strains that being overweight puts on my body, it makes it difficult since basically everything is being tugged at and distracted in some way. For the past month or so I haven't drank any soda, and that's helped with my weight slightly, but I still need to do some sort of routine exersize to start really losing pounds. I've also tried to eat somewhat more healthy, ie less calories, but for the most part I still just eat whatever I feel like.

Of course, tonight I drank four Mike's Hard Lime over the course of a couple hours, which is sort of like soda.. but at least I'm not also drinking soda like I had been for years. I was a little bit dissapointed, I figured four Limes would have given me something of a buzz, but I don't really think I felt it at all. Oh well.

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