bakapyrite (bakapyrite) wrote,

Dreams and reality

I had sort of an interesting dream. I was at some high level college (MIT maybe) and I was doing some testing with someone that I knew who worked for the government or something. He attached this thing to my shoulder that had a camera on it that would be constantly taking in data. There was a name for the device... but that part is slipping away from me now. At one point I played some shooting game which was sort of similar to Time Crisis except the targets were just semi-opaque shapes for the most part, and I managed to get the high score on my first run through. I think I might not have had the shoulder camera on at that time.

The interesting thing is that the camera felt very heavy.. I can remember definitely it having weight, which is odd since you don't usually feel much of anything in dreams.

One thing I've been sort of trying to do lately is relax my muscles. I find that my shoulder muscles are always somewhat tight. I do the occasional stretch, but I never seem to be able to loosen them up. Coincidence that I would feel them in my dream then? Hard to say, since the thing felt like weight, rather than a muscle that was tight. But since dreams are made of various real world elements all mixed together, it's within the realm of possibility that the two items are related.

Of course, if my subconcious is telling me that I've put some sort of "weight on my shoulders", it would be rather nice to be able to take the weight off, whatever that might be.

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