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My cock can walk right through the door

I picked up Mezmerize from System of a Down a few days ago. I've listened to it multiple times since then, and I have to say that it's pretty good. It strikes me that I never picked up their first album, despite liking the songs that were released. Perhaps I should do that some day.

Anyways, Mezmerize sounds similar to Toxicity in composition, which is to say that it's fairly varied with some amount of thrash, some rock, a bit of punk maybe, a little reggae and even something that sort of sounds like a polka, a little.

I also got another George Carlin album. This one is called "Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics", and from the content it was probably released in the early 90s, since he talks a little about the elder George Bush and Reagan, with a Dan Quayle joke for good measure. Despite the dated material, the rest of the comedy is his usual timeless biting observation. Fun to listen to.

Finally, I picked up a Bangles Greatest Hits album. I've only listened to this once, and only partially. That's not to say that it's bad neccesarily, but the other two discs have been consuming my auditory time.

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