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A warm fuzzy cloud

I'm sure if I looked to last summer's posts, I'd see that I complained about the grey days. Well, it's summer once again (or close anyways), and go figure, it's 80 degrees out and 80 percent humidity. I've come to understand that New England seems to be rather like it's namesake in that it's often cloudy, but I object to the near continual mugginess. While there would be a lot of steps before moving out of state, I think that finding a place which tended to have decent weather on most days would be my choice for a place to live.

One of the most annoying things of this sort of weather is that the sky is basically some sort of grey. It's ok if the sky is cloudy, but basically there's just a giant cloud resting on the state, and that makes for a cieling which doesn't allow clean sunlight to enter, and isn't the sort of azure that I yearn to see on the average day.

On a good note, I weight myself this morning and I was at 319. Oddly, my body shape almost seems more bloated recently compared to when I first put on the weight, but I suspect and I hope that it has been and will be continuing to melt away. So that's good anyways.

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