bakapyrite (bakapyrite) wrote,

Burning information

I had a minor epiphany a week ago. Jim linked me to a wikipedia page for "pyrite", and while it had the normal sort of information you might expect, it also had one line which said something to the effect that the word "pyrite" comes from the Greek word for fire. The immediate and obvious connection to "pyre" is fairly obvious, but the interesting thing is that I am a Leo and that is apparently a fire sign. In Sojourn when I play my elementalist I tend to summon fire elementals, and like to use fire embodiment (though in the latter case, this is because it has been coded such that fire embodiment is the strongest one... if it was water, earth or air, I'd use whichever was strongest).

So, yeah, obviously there's some sort of fire theme with me. Basically I jsut thought it was amusing that I've been calling myself "fool's gold" all this time, but at the same time I've been also calling myself "pyre starter" (it is assumed pyrite is so called because it can make sparks when struck).

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