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A tale of two movies

Last Saturday I wanted to go out to get a new pair of sandals and a set of speakers for my computer (my current pair came with the system and have no volume knob.) Maggie wanted to come along, and I figured since we'd be going to the mall and I wanted to see Fantastic Four, that we'd also check that out. Then Bill called, and our duo became a trio.

Well, anyways, we got to the mall somewhat late (7:30ish) and we went to Suncoast where I picked up the Noir box set (thinpak) and the new Tenchi OAV disc. Then we meander over to Waldenbooks where I get the next King of Hell manga, the third Gunslinger Girl manga (I actually need the second still), the first Yotsuba! manga, and the Initial D paperback.

We spent a good deal of time between those places (oh, between here and there Bill wanted to go in to GameStop, so we probably spent half an hour in there too), and Maggie wanted to check out Hot Topic, while Bill wanted to look at the junk in Radio Shack. I went to Hot Topic with Maggie, and we were there from about 9:10 till 9:30, when the general mall closed.

So I didn't actually get either thing I went there to get, but I did get some cool stuff anyways. The movie was showing at 10:10 so we headed over to Radio Shack to get Bill, and then went to the theater.

As an aside, I guess it's noteworthy that we were presented with two distinct options for movie viewing. If we went to Taunton the movie was at 10:10, whereas the theaters in Dartmouth were showing it at 9 and 9:30. Naturally, when I mentioned this to Bill, he wanted to go to the one that was as early as possible, however we were leaving around 7:30 and I wanted to just take my time and shop, rather than rushing to buy stuff just so I could meet some relatively tight deadline.

Anyways, the movie was decent. When I used to collect comic books, Fantastic Four was one of the series I would get. Having said that, I really don't remember too much about the stories aside from the general powers of each character. Overall the movie also seemed to remember mostly the powers of the characters as well. By that I mean that the movie showcased the powers greatly while only giving a sort of rough draft sketch of a plot to move things along. It seemed pretty clear that this movie was rather like the first chapter of a book - sort of slow since it's introducing characters and explaining how they act. In other words, this movie screams "first of a series" rather than "a stand-alone movie with a substantive plot by itself".

The title of this post references two movies, and for the second movie we have to step back in time about three weeks. Bill and I wanted to go see Howl's Moving Castle. It was showing in Seekonk at 6pm and at 9:50pm. We had planned on going to the 6pm showing, and before that we set up then lan and played some Starcraft. Naturally, we started a game around 5pm and were still playing it when 6pm rolled around (and even probably about 6:30). So we played another round of Starcraft, and then did a bit of Diablo. Coming up on 8:50 or so I ejected from the game and took a shower. I came back and Bill was still hacking away at something or other. We basically had about 40 minutes to get to Seekonk (a drive Bill said would clock in at an hour.. heh) and Bill is sitting there playing Diablo. "Let's go Bill" "Ok" click click click click click click "uh Bill, let's go" "ok" click click. Anyways, I managed to prod him off the game within a minute or so, and we were off. We made it to the cinema with a few minute to spare, even after I swung through a bank's ATM and slightly knocked my side mirror on one of those yellow guard poles.

Howl's Moving Castle is a Miyazaki film, which means that you'll generally be operating under a number of known principles. The general thrust of the story will be fairly straightforward, but the method of the character reaching the end goal will often be intricate and woven of many different sort of threads. I won't spoil any of the plot details, since I think a sense of wonder and mystery are integral to watching Miyazaki films, but I will say that it was roughly on the level with his other works and was enjoyable to watch. There were perhaps one or two (major) elements of the plot which were a little underdeveloped, but overall the general sense of fantasy and joy was definitely present.

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