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Cats and dogs

I played some Siren last night. It's a survival horror game where a large number of different characters are linked together in a large tapestry and you only play one character at a time for a vaguely small portion of time in each instance.

The weird thing is I had some sort of dream where a bunch of small things were happening sort of like that. I don't actually remember any details about them, but I have a strong sense of a bunch of little things all shifting around quickly.

Within the last half hour, however, I had a dream that I can remember. I was a fighter pilot on an aircraft carrier in some sort of game. I took off with a bunch of other fighters and we went and attacked a compound. It took me a few minutes to figure out which switches to throw to even be able to shoot, but then I was firing at people on the ground, and there were bullet spray effects on them, but they weren't really dying. Then I flew in to a sort of movie theater and in the back room was a general.. somehow I flew in to the room and tried shooting him but I couldn't. At this point the general and the people were all anthropomorphic dogs and they were showing some film that made fun of their enemies (including me, I guess) which were anthropomorphic cats. I said something about guns not working and firing a missle and the general said something about "you better not" but I did anyways, I don't really know whether that blew him up or not, but I flew out in to the theater and launched a bunch of missiles in to the crowd and at the screen which wreaked some havok. Then I flew back to my area (which involved flying down a hallway with some elevators on the side which went to a candy/food manufacturing company) only to find that everyone at home had decided to eat some candy to forget the whole war thing.

Then Maggie logged in to AIM around 12:30, which made a noise and woke me up (for a second time.. this dream occured between then and when my alarm went off at 12:10.)

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