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Damn, for some reason at work we have AZN (asian) TV as a channel today, and there's some show called Stir on. Both of the women on the show are really cute.

Anyways, I've been reading a new book by an author I hadn't read before, Tanya Huff. The book is called "Of Darkness, Light, and Shadow", and it's actually two books sort of glued together (Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light / The Fire's Stone). One book is set in Toronto and is sort of fantasy in the vein of something like Stargate SG1 (based in reality with fantastic characters) and I guess the other book is a full fledged fantasy not based anywhere on reality, so it's sort of odd that they stuck the two books together.

However, I've read the first book and I liked it. I did notice some formatting errors (commas or periods in odd places), so I don't know if a purist like Mason would enjoy it, but I think if you can forgive it's flaws it's a fairly good story.

In years past I played on muds and would be something of a colorful character. I played a bard on one mud and would often give little shows or just banter in an odd manner which was amusing. In the first book one of the characters is a Bard, and while he mostly just focused on singing without a jaunty personality, it still sort of reminded me about some of the energy I had in the past. I'd recently copied a lot of my old CDs on to Kakumei and some of the old music also reminded me that music can be beautiful and poetic. Driving in to work I heard System of a Down's new single, and I felt a similar sense from that music. Then Weezer came on with some song about Beverly Hills and I had to change the channel because it seemed like it was a musical piece of offal compared with the music floating around in my head.

It's funny, I used to wake up in my college days by taking some song I really liked at the time and playing it at a very loud volume, just to clear the spider webs out of my head. I haven't been doing that for a long time (probably at least partially because most modern music sucks), and for a long time I've generally felt like a body moving through space without any strong sense of conciousness behind it. Hm.

I also thought again about playing an instrument, such as a violin. I really don't know if that's the right instrument for me, but it's one that I've always enjoyed listening to, and I think it might be good for my mind and body to do something creative.

I'm probably going to read the second book tonight at work. The guy that normally covers this shift's grandmother died, so I'm covering it instead.

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