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Like WoW

I've been playing a decent amount of WoW lately. For a long time I've played solo type classes on MUDs and WoW, but recently I started playing a Priest. It's actually sort of fun and relaxing and empowering really. I get an almost free pass in to any group I want, I don't have to worry about killing the shit coming at us, and my skill level directly affects how well the group does. This is a nice change of pace from being, say, a rogue, where I do get to sneak around, sure, but I have to worry about both staying alive AND killing what I'm fighting. Plus, Priests can get a staff at level 60 that can TRANSFORM! Transforming equipment is cool!

I haven't updated in a while. This is at least partially because I have been submerged in the game, and also largely in part due to the fact that nothing especially interesting has happened. I have gotten some more anime and then leave it laying around thinking about watching it before I go back to playing more WoW, which is business as usual.

I finally watched Tenchi OAV3 disc1. It was pretty cool, although it does make much more clear the contrast between the OAV and GXP. Namely, GXP is a comedy with a harem element set in the Tenchi universe. It's directed by Nabeshin, so wackiness ensues. On the other hand, I had sort of forgotten about it, but the OAV is really more of a relationship/harem anime with some comedic elements. So the emphasis is much more firmly on drama in the OAV, and more on the comedy of situations in GXP. GXP went over the top with it's ending, I've been wondering if the OAV will sort of use the same trick, or if they will actually end up with a more singular choice in the ending. My own feeling is that it probably will be a single choice, but the option for the other possibility is still there.

I picked up "Return to V" by Roni Size on Thursday. It's a pretty good album. I think I like Drum and Bass. It usually has a nice quick drum beat and the bass seems to vibrate with something in my core. In other words, it's good driving music.. well.. assuming you're not driving anywhere in traffic. That's something I really hate, and seems to happen too often - I'll be listening to a good quick driving song, and yet I'm discordantly tapping / pressing my brakes and cursing at people.

I leave you with George Carlin's "The Three Questions":

Did you pack your bags?

Have your bags been in your possession the whole time?

Has any unknown person asked you to take anything on board?

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