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This is the way the world ends

So I was actually just having a lengthy dream before I woke up. It was sort of like a movie. It started out in some sort of facility, public I think, and for some reason a lot of people died, but then they started coming back as zombies. I wanna say I knew why they were zombies at the time, but I've forgotten now. Anyways, the President has the area nuked, but naturally this only causes some minor damage and the zombie infestation spreads in certain parts of the city / suburbs. There are a variety of (vaguely) walled off areas that are under the control of various living factions.. I remember dealing with the Italian mafia, and one part was sort of like Vice City controlled by the voodoo/shamanistic types. Graveyards, naturally, are a really bad place to go, since the undead are sleeping under the dirt until some living flesh goes in. Eventually I met up with the President who was building a giant laser, and I was future thinking about what would happen once what he was doing had failed and he was dead, but I don't really remember much except it was a fairly dark future. At one point before the whole zombie thing broke out Richard Pryor had randomly stopped in that facility and was riffing on something or other. Hm, that reminds me that there was actually more to this dream before the whole combat part. I vaguely remember getting fast food with some girl and eating it in her car. It was cold out, or something. Seems like there was some sort of pedestrian social drama type stuff for a while until the "shit broke loose" as it were.

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