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Interesting news

So I've complained that nothing's new under the sun many times, and while this is probably just going to be nothing new under a new setting, I have some interesting work related news.

To properly set this up, I guess I should start by saying that the Supervisor was fired recently (a couple weeks ago) and one of the first shift guys is going to (most likely) be promoted to the new Supervisor. In turn, they have a new req (requisition .. request?) open for a new employee.

How I figure in to this is that they want to put the new employee on second shift, and they've asked if I would take a first shift position. There are some drawbacks to that, but the offer they've made actually mitigates one of the major points (traffic) by making my proposed schedule a 10am-6pm shift. So, I said I'd give it a go.

Now, this isn't going to be taking place immediately. They need to hire a new person and train them and so on, but, assuming that happens soon, I'll probably be working a first shift schedule within a month or two.

In other news, I've actually being doing some research on the Scion tC and I'm definitely thinking about getting one. Of course, I still need to go to a dealer and make a test drive to see if I'll even fit in the car, but assuming it's not too bad I may pick one up relatively soon. Since my Focus isn't completely dead yet I don't have any strict schedule at the moment, but it could be a few months or a few weeks, depending upon my whims.

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