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She was very animated

I watched some anime tonight. Initial D, Abenobashi, and Someday's Dreamers.

Initial D is pretty formulaic. However, it's executed well, so the formula is forgivable. Plus, they talk a lot about advanced driving techniques, which kinda interest me. At least, as far as being able to play GT better (I put some money down on GT4 last week, along with GTA5).

Abenobashi is what it is. It's kinda silly, makes a few jabs at other series (uguuuu..) and has nice artwork, usually. It's not over the top like Excel, but it's still ok.

Someday's Dreamers.. this series causes me to have mixed feelings. The main character is so apologetic that I find it hard to believe she was really written that way. Like.. I've seen characters like this in other series, but this character would make jelly appear to have a spine. And, that's not to say that she's cowardly.. just.. way too polite. Like, if anything happens around her, whether or not she really had anything to do with it, she apologizes. So it's sort of annoying, I guess. Also, one of the episode characters pissed me off. (Side note: episode-specific character, I guess I mean. As in, non-recurring. Well, she's the mother of a recurring character, but I imagine and hope she won't be recurring herself.) She was just extremely rude, and I would have liked to see a bus run over her or something. It really irked me that people shrugged off her shitty nature or tried to be understanding about it. She may have been a good person that was just introduced in a less-than-flattering way, but her "happy ending" seemed largely undeserved. Anyways, the overall series is a little bit simple for my tastes. In contrast, Haibane Renmei was simple, but it was rustic and it had a lot of flavor even in it's simplicity. This series just seems like it wants to be a semi-formula, semi-ensemble type series, and since it's restricted to half a season (12-13 episodes), it ends up not being able to properly develop the characters or the plot. No doubt this series will be dear to the heart of someone out there, but I am not one of those people.

I wonder what I would think of Neia_7. ABe's other works have been excellent (Lain and Haibane Renmei). When that one first came out, though, it was reviewed in such a manner that I didn't think it sounded that great. So far he's one talent that I could see following releases from. Nabeshin (Shinichi Watanabe) is another. I can't really think of any other names that I've seen multiple great things from, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there. The guy that did NGE also did Kare Kano, but EoE really seemed like an assault on his fans, so I'm not sure about him.

There are still a few series that I'd like to get and just haven't seen in stores: Steel Angel Kurumi, You're Under Arrest, and Key the Metal Idol. That last one is fairly old now, and I'm not sure I'll even be able to find it on line. It's funny, the local Suncoast always has the YUA collection #2. Always the second one, never the first. I wonder if they don't even carry it? Or if someone always buys it before I get there. Guess I should check some on line stores....

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