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A cold November day

I haven't updated this in a while. I've been enjoying the tC.. I'm not sure if it's that the handling is that much different from the Focus or just that it's a one month old car vs a five year old car, but it definitely handles nicely and accelerates quickly.

Last week I was taking a class in place of going to work. Solaris 10 basics. Which it was. I knew a lot of the material, but it was still good as a refresher, and it also was training of a sort for my upcoming change to a more first-shifty type deal.

I've been buying anime lately but not watching it for a couple weeks or more. I finally got around to watching the last disc of Chrono Crusade. It was.. kind of depressing. Nowhere near like Berserk, since hardly anything can end like that, but still really not much good seemed to happen in the end. I also have a hard time with the last scene, since it deals with a thing which really happened, and which was explained in a certain way by the parties involved, but I don't neccesarily believe them. I've left that intentionally vague so as not to spoil a plot point.

Overall I thought the anime was only average. It had some interesting characters, but none of the good or bad guys were ever especially entertaining in combat and there wasn't anything really exceptional about any of the characters to differentiate them from other, similar series. Actually, thinking of it, that sort of characterizes a lot of Christian fiction, and essentially that's what this was.

Jim happened to get an extra copy of Guitar Hero last week, so I got one copy from him. We played last weekend and I've been playing a bit this week. It's a very fun game, as long as you can handle the guitar-shaped controller.

Not too much to report other than that. My average day involves waking up, playing a little WoW, going to work, coming home, playing a little WoW, sleeping, and repeat. On weekends Jim and/or Bill come over and we play some multiplayer stuff. That's about it.

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