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World of Chinese Farmer-Ninjas and Cretinous Complainers

World of Warcraft was a fun game, but it's end game right now is much less than spectacular. Basically, there isn't a lot to do, and there are a lot of people that just stand around waiting for exactly the one thing they happen to feel like doing. In other words, there are a hundred people standing around in a capital city most of the times. Woo! There's a fun game to play. Let's all stand around and complain about stuff! Or maybe bitch because we invited a ninja along on a run to a bunch of people that don't really care that much. Recently I've had a lot of groups where at least one of the people didn't speak at all, with the implication that they are the so-called "chinese" farmers. It generally holds true that they will roll on items that they're not supposed to, reinforcing the stereotype in my mind.

So.. I've been thinking of getting City of Villains. I realize that the grass is always more finely poly-counted on the other side, but I do remember City of Heroes rather fondly. Granted, I never got beyond the low-mid levels or so, so it could be that the end game sucks just as much as WoWs... but I know that CoH was quite a bit more fun getting there. Plus, I'm not aware of there being a chinese farmer issue in the game, though that certainly could have manifested itself within the year or so that I haven't played.

It's too bad really. In a way, a game like WoW would be great if you had a large number of friends and aquaintances in real life that played such games, because then you could basically trust everyone and have an understanding of the skill level that everyone was at. In my case, Mason took a look at the game and seemed to not care for it, Jim basically doesn't play RPGs, and Bill is a money-less student that doesn't have the hardware, connection, or mentality (maybe?) to play an MMORPG at a high level. Oh, and of course Mike has his job and family.

Hey Mike, if you happen to read this, I'd still like to come and visit at some point.

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