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Button down shirt, half open

I picked up some manga and books a couple days ago. The first three GetBackers, the second Vampire Hunter D paperback, and a fantasy novel called "The Magicians' Guild" by Trudi Canavan. The last book is the first of a trilogy. I've completed reading it, seemed decent, so I'll have to get the other two at some point.

Two days ago (Monday) I had some meatball pizza and eggnog for lunch. The pizza/meat was a little cold but really not that bad. However, for the rest of the day I had some indigestion from it. Got home, had dinner, seemed like it was cleared up. Then yesterday I got up and felt vaguely sick. I suspect that it was probably the pizza. Basically I went through yesterday eating a yogurt in the morning with some Mylanta a little later, and.. that was it. Never threw up or anything, but I was definitely not feeling so well.

Oh well, no big deal, it's a new day.

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