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Twas the night before aught six

Another year gone by. Here's hoping everyone has a happy new year.

A few things have changed this year.. well, let's see, one thing anyways. I'm working day shifts now. Technically two things, if you include the change from weekend nights to second shift. Anyways, my shift has changed. I like the new shift, because I'm actually working with people again. This means that if there's work to be done, it doesn't rest 100% on my shoulders to complete it. It also means that I can shoot the shit with something other than the walls of the office.

As far as things which I would like to see changed.. hmm.

1) I suppose getting a girlfriend sort of tops the list. In many ways my life is good and so I can distract myself with the goings on and not think about it, but occasionally it hits me that there's something in this life that I probably should be taking part in, rather than just thinking about.

2) Hunker down and actually excecute some sort of formal training on a subject that I think is fun. Ideally this will lead to a fun job, more cash, moving out to a new house or something, so on and so forth. I'm not going to make seperate entries for all those because they're all basically a big domino chain where generating more income is the first tile that needs to be knocked down. But hey, if a random billionaire wanders by the site and wants to give me a few million dollars to play with, I can assure them that I wouldn't unwisely blow the cash... much.

3) Lose weight. Yes, this is probably one of the most generic new years resolutions across all people's lists, but I suppose that simply reflects the fact that we are an overweight nation. As far as addressing the issue, I'd be willing to try a variety of options. I took karate for a while and that kept me decently in shape. DDR was pretty good for weight and energy. Actually just working at the arcade had me fairly trim for a while. Clearly I need to have something physical to do. Whether this is getting a gym membership, taking some tai chi or yoga, etc, maybe getting a personal trainer (if any out there are cheap), or some other method, those would all be good, I think.

4) I'm not sure when this started happening, but I used to be a calm pond for mostly everything in life. These days I feel like I can be a bit snippish and I often have to check my mental reactions because I find myself thinking about things in a sort of greedy, brooding way. I don't know exactly where my balance went or how to get it back, but I suppose it might relate somewhat to item 3.

5) Read more. I've been working on this one actually. But it still deserves a place on my list, because I can easily get distracted by other things and end up not reading for month or year long spans.

I think there were other items I was considering a few days ago for writing in a post like this, but nothing's jumping at me at the moment. So I'll end it here with another...

Happy '06 everyone!

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