bakapyrite (bakapyrite) wrote,

Posting for nothing, chicks for free

I had a couple dreams over the last couple days that I can still sort of remember.

A couple days ago I dreamed that I was in some building, similar to the barn at my house, with a bunch of people. We were hunting some sort of fantasy type monster, but I don't exactly recall now what it was. Could have been a dragon, could have been some sort of psychic attacking thing. Then the dream shifted to where I had a machine gun and there was a fight going on. I would aim at people and shoot and I could see that the bullets were going over their heads, so I'd slowly aim downwards but usually the bullets wouldn't hit them, or if they did it didn't seem to generally do anything. I think the "bullets" may have actually been BBs. I managed to get behind one guy and had my gun to the back of his head, I think it was a shotgun, but when I'd pull the trigger the gun itself would sort of pull apart a little, and it wouldn't fire.

Last night I had a dream about something similar to the beginning of the last dream, I was in some building with a bunch of people, but I don't really recall much about that one. I do remember near the end that I had a chainsaw and I was cutting up the floor and stuff and might have been swinging it at people. Then the scene was at the kitchen table at my house and somehow the chainsaw was on my lap but there was also a guitar or something, and I played a riff from Iron Man and it sounded low and gutteral sort of like the chainsaw sound, but for whatever reason it wasn't really a chainsaw, it was a seperate entity.. I think.

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