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thunder and taxes

Meh, I've been sick today. Now, most people get sick, y'know, they have a hot head, their stomach becomes agitated, other stuff happens in the colon, etc. Me? I usually get sick in this manner after I've not had enough sleep. And, it's weird as hell. My stomach just hurts. Not that it really wants to heave, it's just in pain. And like, I burp up these strange gasses that almost don't have a taste so much as evoke some sort of mental reaction. And uh, well, the colon thing is in effect too. I've actually dodged this bullet twice in the last couple months, due to sleeping at the office to avoid getting the full effect, or uh.. I forget about the other time. But today, it was ok, because I managed to be able to sleep through it. Usually falling asleep will alleviate the pain for a while but then I'll wake up and actually have to throw up. No need today. But, otoh, my mouth tasted really funny for a while after I woke up. Actually, I can sorta say that the flavor is some component to that of chicken (I had a bunch of different chicken types at a Chinese buffet last night). However, I've had this problem and could sort of associate it with cereals and other stuff too. So, I dunno, it could be something about not getting enough sleep and eating certain foods, or it could just be a normal sickness that I tend to get hit with when my defenses are low.

In other news, I bought TaxCut and TaxCut State so as to just be able to do my taxes in electronic fashion, on line I assume. From something on the IRS web site I thought I'd have to pay my 10% penalty tax on my 401k this quarter, but I think I've come to understand that, since I got the check in January, it'll be due with my 2004 taxes. Very well, then.

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