bakapyrite (bakapyrite) wrote,

Superbowl Blues

Just finished watching the Superbowl. Steelers won, which isn't surprising. The commercials were .... eh.

I bought two tickets to the Rob Zombie show for April first. He's touring with Lacuna Coil, who I'm also interested in checking out. I took the week off leading up to that weekend... basically I have like 183 stored vacation hours, so work was going to force me to take a week off by the end of March, but I was sort of thinking of taking that week off anyways.

There's a rat in the eaves, I'm hoping that one of the traps will get it soon, because while they're in my room I can't have the cat or the dog in there. Otherwise they could possibly injure themselves.

I picked up the Elfen Lied complete series and Bill has been watching it. It was billed as being hyper-cute and hyper-violent, and while that sounds like it could be done well, this series seems almost like .. I want to call it hentai, even though there isn't really any overt sex. It's just that the series seems to have no respect for life at all... one of the main characters is basically a serial murderer. In a way the anime seems like it was spawned by a dating game, but why would you want to fall in love with people involved in such extreme brutality?

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