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Land of the Living Updates

Since last time, our hero was hanging off a ledge, and the ledge was slowly crumbling! Doctor Weevil stood there laughing! Will our hero survive?

I cancelled my WoW and CoV/H accounts. City of Heroes is a good game, different, refreshing, and well excecuted. However, it's much more fun if you have friends that play, and basically I have friends that have accounts. There's an important difference there. So I logged in to CoV once, the day I got it, and never afterward.

WoW, on the other hand, is a very beautiful game with bright colors and well rounded polygons, and some of the zones are pretty neat too. The only problem is that the gameplay is just a little bit too simple once you've been playing for a while, and the player base is a mix of your standard ADHD sugar-high 12 year old, the chinese farmers, and a buncha people that just bitch and complain about every goddamned change that gets implemented in the game because it makes their character unplayable. Since, y'know, a 3% decrease in DPS is just that earth-shattering. No, really, the earth shattered just because of that. I don't think you heard me, this totally ruins the character. .....right.

What I have been playing recently is EvE Online. It's a space-based mmorpg, and similarly to, and unlike, CoH/V, it is different and refreshing, and also extremely complicated. Which isn't to say that you couldn't just start up and play, but that if you want to study how to play better, there's a ton of material to work with. The especially interesting this about this game is that the economy is largely player based. That is, a variety of low-level ships and gear are sold by NPCs, but higher level stuff you generally need a Blueprint to make, which means you have to mine (or buy) the minerals yourself, buy the Blueprint, and then depending on the type of Blueprint you can either start making ships to sell, or some are limited-run which means you can only make say, 1, or perhaps 5, of a ship, and then either sell those or use them for yourself. The character generation interface is also similar to CoH in that you get a base model and can then affect the details of it's face to a high degree, which is kind of fun just by itself.

The one drawback to the game that I've seen so far is that the interface is a mix of genius and wonkyness. Quite a lot of things can be right clicked and interacted with, which is cool. But while you're in space and next to a large body, if you face the camera away and click somewhere in space to warp off or something, it seems like 90% of the screen counts as clicking on that large body. There are also bugs in the chat window which can make it impossible to see any text being displayed. But, ultimately, those are minor quibbles with what is otherwise a pretty good game.

As a final note, I picked up tickets to see Rob Zombie and Lacuna Coil on April First. The week leading up to that I'm taking vacation, which I haven't done in like over a year, and I'm looking forward to both of those things.

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