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I've been neglecting this journal recently. I'm sorry little journal. There there, I'm here for you now.

Ahem. Anyways, I saw Silent Hill with Maggie on Sunday. I'll attempt to avoid spoiling the movie, but a little review, or at least a thought or two, are in order. First of all, the cinematography was spot on, for the most part. A large part of the feel of the game was imbued in to the movie. Whoever was controlling the cameras had really studied how SH tends to use odd angles. In fact, certain scenes were pretty much lifted straight from the game, as far as location and camera angle go. The monsters were not so much Silent Hill, of course, but rather were lifted willy-nilly from the spectrum of the Silent Hill series. It's kind of too bad really, because in the game there was no Pyramid Head in the first installment, which makes him feel somewhat out of place in the movie. But then we get to the major flaw of the movie, as hinted at by what I've just talked about. Basically, the very underlying plot of the movie is not the same as that of the game. The reasons that people are doing the things they do have been changed, indeed almost inverted in a way from the game. It allows the average movie goer the opportunity to leave the theater with some understanding of what just happened, but this is part of the allure of the games. You're not really supposed to understand what happened. Sure, there is a back story and a reason behind every little facet of the games, but you need to research and think to understand it. The movie not only slaps you around with the plot by telling it to you directly at one point, but it's a simple, pre-chewed plot that the common man can understand.

So, ultimately, if you've never played the game, I'm actually kind of curious what you think of the movie. I certainly have a biased point of view.

Other than that, I've been playing EvE online a lot lately. Fun game. Lots to learn.

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