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Life and movies

Saw X-men with Bill on Saturday. I won't say anything about the plot but I thought the movie was fairly good. There did seem to almost be something missing somewhere, a feeling similar to what I had in Fantastic Four, but unlike that movie, this one didn't have to introduce all it's characters and such, it could just get down to it's buisiness.

Woke up today and my room was very humid. I had a bit of soreness in the back of my throat/nasal area, I ended up getting rid of a decent amount of junk out of my head and it cleared up somewhat. The drive to work was about an hour and a half, because apparently today people were getting their brake and gas pedals mixed up. Basically, the start of this day got a 2/10.. maybe a 3/10 rating (simply because 2/10 might want to be reserved for physical ailments and 1/10 would be near death or something).

The extra weight that I've gained lately has been showing itself more clearly to me. It is as though there is a tightness around my middle and a soreness on my sides, which is basically my skin being stretched by having so much extra fat where it shouldn't be. I'm very seriously considering joining a gym and setting myself up with a training regimine of some sort to try and start to rectify the situation.

I also find myself thinking about moving out of the house. It's something I've sort of wanted to do for a while now, but there was a lull period where I didn't really care about it much. Basically, it's not that I dislike my family at all, it's just that I feel as though if I were living alone I could much more easily choose what to eat and basically just have more control over my nest. The problem is that if I move closer to work, I'm moving away from Jim and Bill, and while we could still make some sort of long drive to hang out, it wouldn't be nearly as convenient as the current situation. On the other hand, removing the 3+ hours per day on the road going to and from work would make me feel a lot better. There's also the whole problem with Massachusetts. I'd much rather move somewhere where the warm days weren't usually also humid. When I visited Mike in CO, I loved the weather out there. Then as the airplane was approaching Boston there was this cloud of humidity that seeped in and by the next day or two I'd developed a cough, as though the wetness in the air caused mold to grow in my lungs.

So these are some of the things I've been thinking about lately.

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