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Independance day

I had Monday off this week, as well as Tuesday. Monday wasn't an actual holiday, though, but my cousin Patrick had a wedding reception that I wanted to attend, so I took the day off.

Tuesday I slept for a good part of the day. Eventually I woke up and worked out a pick up time with Jim. We went to Sushi Joy and then saw the fireworks. While the sky was cloudy, I actually sort of felt like I just wanted it to rain so we wouldn't bother, but in the end the fireworks were good and the excersize was probably not a bad thing.

Getting to and from the fireworks, that was a story. Usually after I eat, my system starts to push stuff through so I hit the bathroom. In this case, not much really came of that at the restraunt. But what happened was that it was sort of like a cork being removed from a bottle... after we'd started walking towards the fireworks for a couple minutes I really had to go, and it wasn't a normal sort of going. Considering that I was wearing underwear and then relatively thin shorts, if I had let fly it would have been obvious and rather difficult to deal with. So I clenched all my muscles up and walked quickly, ignoring the soreness in my feet, the promise of pain from blisters forming on the trip. There were about three times when I pretty much had to concentrate seriously to prevent anything from happening. Eventually we got to a place with a restroom and after that everything was quite a bit better, except that now my feet felt sort of like burning rubber. Then, the trip back was basically half an hour of trudging uphill with my feet in pain. There was a little sensation like I might have to go again, but nothing ever really came of that, thankfully. My world was basically limited to the pain in my feet and my back starting to tighten up and my energy levels being nearly empty for the whole walk. At the end I actually ran out of energy and had to stop for a second to take a drink.

Today I have two big blisters on each of my feet (four total). I plan on trying to do as little as possible.

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