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Dark Comedy, Driving

Last night before I left work, I saw about an hour of "One Night at McCool's". This is a movie that was universally panned by critics and movie goers alike. Honestly, the film wasn't completely terrible, but then it could be that I find Liv Tyler more than just a little attractive. Of course, if you were to evaluate the film based upon it's plot and acting, then yeah it's not that great.

Here's the thing, though. I looked on Wikipedia about the movie, and I noticed that it was described as being a "Dark Comedy" (or was it a Black Comedy... well, same thing basically). I've seen this term used to describe a variety of films, and I've generally come to the conclusion that the term is really just an industry tag with no solid real world meaning. I say this because, usually, a "dark comedy" could equally be described as "a drama with some vaguely twisted or exaggerated characters experiencing a particularly shitty day". That's really all there is. Not much more. Comedy? Comedy involves laughter. Sure, there might be comedic actors, and as mentioned the characters might be a bit twisted and/or exaggerated... but really, they keep fairly close to people that you expect probably exist out there in the real world.

The real dark comedy in this world, though, is the people driving on major highways around cities. I swear, the thought passes through my head far too often that brake usage on major highways should be made illegal. Going faster than 35? Side windows should then automatically tint so you can't be distracted by some poor fuck that got pulled over. I've only ever been in one accident on the highway, and traffic was already at a crawl anyways so it didn't really affect the overall speed (and it was cleared up within a few minutes anyways). It always strikes me that, for the most part, when you're braking on the highway, it's due to the misfortune of some person or persons any number of minutes or hours beforehand. Being parked on the highway, I curse the person who was so inconsiderate as to have had an accident, but on the other hand I can still appreciate that my suffering is really just an echo of someone else's more concentrated and real suffering, passed through time and space by the fact that there are far too many assholes on the road.

I seriously consider moving to Denver every so often. Or think about taking up being an author. Anything that will pay well, get me away from the hell that is the 90% hazy weather around here, and away from 1/6th or so of my life being spent on pavement.

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