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Dark Comedy, Driving part Wednesday

So today a good portion of my drive in to work was behind a car with a bunch of "I stick my penis in animals" bumper stickers, aka pro-vegan. I usually hate it when a car jumps in between me and the car that I'm following, but in this case I was willing to make an exception. So a car naturally jumps between myself and the hate-mobile and I have a little twitch about someone jumping in but suppress it by thinking that they are at least blocking the stupid-rays emenating from the stickers on the car that is now in front of them.

So, what happens...? Traffic slows to about 20mph and the new guy in front of me starts smoking a cigar and blowing it out of his open moonroof and/or driver side window. Since we're not going very fast, the clouds are clearly visible and don't dissipate much, and since we're going fast enough, now my car smells like cigar smoke (for a small amount of time, but still.)

So... irony.

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