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Vacation and birthday

So I have next week off. It's been a few months since my last vacation, but this one is one I've been looking forward to for most of that time. I've been virtually driven to the point of exhaustion from a combination of my schedule and driving habits, so the order of the week is basically just to rest.

This Wednesday I also turn 30. I could dwell upon where I am in my life, but for now I basically just feel happy to have made it this far. Over the last decade I've lived through a couple of minor accidents and one snow driving accident that could have turned out way the hell worse than it did. I'm still at home, but I've managed to keep a job in the tech industry through a tech bubble burst. I'd like to see more items in my "good" column and less items in my "bad" column, but the fact of the matter is that I'm (relatively) healthy and of (somewhat) sound mind and therefore have the ability to work towards such goals.

Here's to another good 30 years.

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