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The more things stay the same..

So the first shift weekend guy (Jeff) was promoted to a shift lead position like three or four months ago. Ok fine. Open a hiring req and get a new guy for that job and then Jeff moves to first shift weekdays. Sure, no problem. Oh, but there is. CSC loves to approve these sorts of things only to change their mind halfway to implementation. So basically Jeff has been the shift lead of the dust bunnies for the last few months.

So now we're finally going to get around to implementing plan B. Plan B involves moving everyone's schedules around somewhat so that Jeff is on first shift weekdays. What this basically means is that either I can take the weekend day shift, or else the second shift guy might and then I'll end up working a modified second shift (it was mentioned it would be something like either 12-8 or 1-9).

So basically as it stands right now the choice is up to me. I'm a little bit torn between the two choices, because basically I actually like my current schedule. The problem with second shift and weekend shifts is that they end up screwing with your social life. In my case, "social life" might be something of a misnomer, but what it translates to is that I can't go see a movie on the weekend if there happens to be one out there worth seeing, or going to see a concert on the weekend with only a couple days notice, etc. Also, if I take the second shift option, it will allow me to keep my weekend more easily, but it will make it so that I show up to Joe's on Tuesdays a bit later than normal (usually the gatherings start at 7... so if it was a 12-8 shift it wouldn't really be too bad...).

Basically I'm not really sure which I'd prefer, since I'd really probably just prefer to stay on the shift I am. However, both other shifts do have advantages.. second shift would be nice since my chances of hitting traffic would drop heavily, and the weekend shift would give me a four day weekend that I might actually be able to capitalize on, as opposed to the hell that was weekend nights.

So I'm curious what other people think about the two choices.

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