bakapyrite (bakapyrite) wrote,

Bad Earth and Bad Bill

Due to a mistake by the cable guys, my cable modem was down for a few days last week. Conveniently, around that time I picked up a copy of Disgaea 2. The game is much like the first one, which of course means that it's quite good. It's funny though.. for the last few months/years, I've been feeling like a zombie without much purpose. Then my shift changes to second shift and I get Disgaea 2, and suddenly my brain seems a little bit sharper and I'm not quite as unhappy. Is it the shift change? Is it a fresh injection of RPG? Probably a combination of the two.

Bill was over on Saturday a bit before Jim arrived... or was this Sunday. Well anyways, Jim wasn't around at the time, I was playing Disgaea 2, and I suggested to Bill that he could play Far Cry. He started a new campaign and was off. At one point I was watching him fight a helicopter from the top of a ruined tanker, and I noticed that he wasn't zooming in on the target usually, though maybe occasionally. I'd say "Bill, you're not zoomed in". He'd reply "Yes I am!". Uh, no, you're not. The thing is, he'd hit the right click, which zooms, but it would be just after he'd climbed up a ladder, or after he'd moved a bit, which breaks you out of zoom. So he'd have right click held down and be spraying bullets in a wide cone at the target, and the fact that he wasn't actually zoomed in didn't seem to be a factor in his mind. The comment I made to him was that "You really need to learn how to adapt to the world, and not expect the world to adapt to you." The case that I've cited is a fairly good example of this behavior, and it happens with Bill all the time. If only there were some way that Jim and I could get this principle through to him, he might actually learn and play games in a much better fashion.

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