bakapyrite (bakapyrite) wrote,

Life is bad, Life is good

It's funny, I'll get wound up about how there's work to be done and yet I usually feel actively non-motivated to do it, and yet I know I should get it done so I can enjoy stuff, but I don't do it so then I do stuff that I should be enjoying except I'm doing it instead of work. Then I finally do the work at the last possible minute, and the next day the only person that knows that I was torturing myself is me. Then I feel kinda silly about how I didn't do the work and got worried and I feel better.

Last night was like that, except with a little sucker punch before the new day dawned. Basically I avoided work for most of my shift, so then when I could have probably taken off early, I ended up leaving late instead. I got home and was somewhat hungry so I toasted a bagel and got some cream cheese out. At this point, I heard a scurrying noise and turned to see a rat run across the kitchen counter. He stopped for a second to look at me, then dissapeared behind stuff. Then I started eating my bagel and I see dog vomit on the carpet in the kitchen. I simply don't want to deal with shit at this point (foreshadowing), so I finish my bagel and go upstairs. In the hallway somewhere between the bathroom and my door there's a big soft smelly dog shit lying there, stinking up the hall and my room. So since I have to get to sleep, I'm forced to clean that up and spray the hell out of the hall, in hopes that the random chemicals will both overpower the stench, and won't be so noticable that they keep me from sleeping. At that point I was thinking a rum and Coke would be nice, but I didn't have any Coke or a glass in my room, and I didn't *really* feel like getting drunk since I still have to work today.

Today I get in to work, and everything seems smooth. But last night I really felt like I needed to move out of the house.

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