bakapyrite (bakapyrite) wrote,

Repetition makes a heart grow fonder

I often think, and occasionally write, about things I could change in my life. Originally my idea was to try to brainstorm about ideas to write about. A truthism that I've heard and that sounds good is that, to get better at writing, you basically just have to keep doing it.

But as I was then about to start writing this post, it occurred to me that, in essence, that is already what I am doing in life. I think about, and occasionally write about, things I'd like to change, and then I don't usually do it. But by that very repetition, perhaps it's just thinking that is what I'm getting good at. It's thinking that's the habit that I've gotten in to. It's thinking that I need to un-habit myself of.

Action needs to be taken. Of course, that comes back to the original point of this topic. In my head, I occasionally get an idea for a scene in a book. Then I might actually write down a scrap of that in a file on my server. I want to write something, and it's for a few reasons. One, I want to see if it's something that I can do properly. Two, I want to see if I enjoy it sufficiently. And three, I think it would be a hell of a lot better than working on computers 'til who knows when.

The last reason is a bit tenuous of course. I could talk about the greener grass across the fence, but there's another thing that always rings true. When I used to work at the arcade, kids and teens would occasionally hear that and their face would shine and they'd marvel at how it must be awesome to work there. But the fact of the matter is that working at the arcade was.. well... work. Sure, the management wasn't usually too bad and most of the work was pretty simple, but you'd still have to deal with the public. And anyone that deals with the public for more than a few weeks can probably tell you that the public tends to be pretty goddamned stupid. So while "working at an arcade" sounds like a "fun" job, it's still work. Likewise, daydreaming about waking up at any time, not having to travel, and working from your computer sounds like it would be unbelievably great, I am a bit cautious about the fact that there is probably more work underneath the fun than there is fun on top of the work. Nevertheless, I'm still thinking of giving it a try.

There are a few possible courses of action as I see it. I could attempt to write a novel off the bat. This seems a bit foolhardy. I could try to write something smaller, like one or two page stories that might or might not constitute a full story. This sounds more reasonable. While I'm a bit scared of giving in to procrastination, what I think I'm going to attempt to do is simply write one new post a day about whatever, for the next week. If I can keep that up (I expect I can, but...) then I'll start moving on to higher efforts.

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