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Dis guy, uh, he hate me

So while I intended to write a post on each day over the weekend, I ended up mostly forgoing computer time for Disgaea. In the process, I also didn't end up writing anything. Dissapointing, but I'm not yet deterred.

I felt as though my car had it's alignment out of whack so I went to Sears to get it adjusted. When all was said and done, they didn't make any adjustments so I didn't have to pay anything. Upon further consideration and testing, I guess what my percieved "pull to the right" actually was is the tilt of the road. This can be proven by going in to the left lane, where the car seems to pull to the left instead. Odd though, I coulda sworn the alignment was off. Hmm.

I picked up some Captain Morgan Tattoo on Saturday to give it a try. It's much like normal Captain, really, but a little spicier. Not bad, but probably not worth the extra money for a similar-sized bottle. I find I like Captain Morgan (ie: spiced rum), but I still need to get a bottle of normal rum to see how that is.

Moving back to second shift has reintroduced me to the culinary outlets for the unwashed masses. The building we're in has a cafeteria, but it's only open for a couple hours around noon. When five o'clock rolls around, I start considering what to eat. I have D'angelo's, The 99, Burger King, and Ma Magoo's (a sub shop) as options. I consider D'angelo's to be the "healthy" choice, although Ma Magoo's has some similar options. BK is for when I just feel like getting food now (or actually feel like getting a burger). The 99 has a rich selection of food, and when I say rich it refers to both the quantity and the price. In fact, The 99's dinners are really probably the most healthy and balanced, in so far as that they usually come with potatos and carrots or corn and such, but they also tend to run about 10$ each. I've thought about making my own food, but there is something of a problem with that. Basically, I'm not very familiar with the setup of the kitchen, and it always seems to be somewhat chaotic in it's selection of materials to work with, and it's appearance. Plus, I usually wake up and just surf the web or play a game for a couple hours before leaving for work. Something to think about, I guess.

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