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The daze of our lives

So, today is sort of Tuesday, even though it's Wednesday. In a sense, I missed a post yesterday, though I'll probably still make one today. I guess part of the problem is that when I set a goal out of "write a post every day", that might not be quite specific enough. For instance, should this post be counted as a Wednesday post, since that's the day it is on, or should it be a Tuesday post, because I haven't gone to bed yet.

I could say I haven't gone to sleep, but I actually dozed off for a couple hours during work. I have to say that I like my new shift. I stay up till about 12 or 1, then I get to sleep. Then I wake up at around 9-10 and have an hour or two before I have to get ready. Generally I don't feel rushed getting up, and the traffic either way is generally almost nonexistant, at least compared to my previous shift. However, I've been on a crashing trend lately. Sometimes it seems as though I can sleep 5 or 6 hours and be alright, sometimes I sleep 9 or 10 hours and I still feel tired. Right now I'm moving towards the latter state. It sucks, but I guess I should just accept that it's a normal body cycle, and that after a certain point I'll start getting less tired again.

Friday is going to suck, though probably not as much as Saturday. This is unfortunate, because Jim wants to hit an Indian place then, but I should be alright in the evening. The third shift weekend guy needs Friday night off, so I'll be covering the 7pm-7am shift. On the one hand, I really have become disinclined to cover those shifts, but on the other hand no one else is available. Liz is going to be having Thanksgiving in PA again this year, so I look at this sort of thing as a token of good will that I should be able to use to get those days off. Of course, this is one of the most annoying things about my current job: the fact that vacation days are actually contentious due to the requirement of 24/7/365 coverage. I want to see vacation days as pleasant, but instead they are tainted by the fact that either I am covering them, or someone else is covering them while I'm off.

This weekend will be somewhat busy. Saturday, hopefully I'll be cogent enough in the evening for a good dinner at the Kabob and Curry. Then Sunday I'll probably be hitting a Time Spiral prerelease with Joe. Time Spiral is the "new" Magic set, but it feels a little bit cheesy, because basically they are taking a bunch of old, powerful archetypal cards and "remaking" them with slightly different costs or whatever. I guess for someone that hasn't been playing as long as I have, it'll be like being able to play in Revised/Alpha again, but for me it seems like a grab at older players that they want to get back by playing the nostalgia card. I guess I've played enough with the old cards that I don't yet feel very nostalgic playing them.

One of my coworkers sent out an email to the guys at the office and a bunch of his friends. It had an image attached that had some yellow ribbon thing with a message like "Thank a soldier and pray for them". One of the random people on the list replied with something like "I'm not sure about praying, but if you want to get out of this mess, please vote Republican." I mean.. huh? They were the ones that got us in to this mess. It's like, "If you want to abort a pregnancy, please use a penis." No thanks, I'll pass. Then someone else chimed in about voting Democrat. Now, I basically consider myself a Democrat for voting purposes, but in reality I consider myself to be an anarchist. Neither side is "clean" and both sides have points that I disagree with. But really, the thing that's the most annoying is replying to all on something that was basically just supposed to be .. supportive? Uplifting? Ultimately it's basically trash, but I can still appreciate that the sentiment was decent.

I set the mood to "indifferent" and it's showing a smily face. Not the sort of expression I would associate with that term. Oh well.

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