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The grain

I always find the idea of stereotypes interesting. There is apparently an RPG that deals with the Columbine shootings. There is a forum on the site of the game, and naturally a bunch of trolls post to the site. One topic dealt with the fact that Dylan Klebold was Jewish.

First of all, let me get a couple points out of the way. One, I'm fairly introverted when it comes to mass suffering. What this means is that, when a news-worthy tragedy strikes, I generally don't want to hear about it because I'd rather not have to care. Two, I'm not overtly racist or bigoted beyond the social norms for a person of my race and class. I phrased that carefully because of the subject matter (stereotypes), but more on that later.

Ok, so the troll posted that since Dylan was Jewish (due to his mother being a Jew), it was obviously because of his heritage that bad stuff happened. I actually didn't realize that he was Jewish, but as mentioned, I tend to stay away from the media in general. There was then a debate regarding whether being a "Jew" was merely a matter of religion or whether there is what one might call a "race" that is Jewish. In my mind, there's no question that being Jewish is racial. There is also the religion of course, but there are obvious physical characteristics that make you a Jew. Generally they have dark hair and a fairly identifiable, somewhat bulbous nose. Of course, Fran Drescher doesn't have a big nose, but she also represents a typical Jewish person. I really couldn't believe that one of the posters on the forum held the firm belief that being a Jew was only about religion, but he wasn't one of the trolls, so hey, if he wants to be inflexible, more (or less) power to him I guess.

That's the thing about stereotypes. Usually there's some sort of negative connotation to them, and in this bleedlingly painful Politically Correct world it's as though negative things can't be acknowledged for any truth they may have in them. I can understand that if a person directly feels pain from the stereotype they might not like it, but in my world I don't see any point to trying to stick your head in the sand and imagine that certain things aren't true. You're only ever going to hurt yourself in the long term with that sort of mentality.

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