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The writing experiment

Ok, so two weekends have passed since my resolve to write every day, and both weekends I haven't written anything. However, the reason seems fairly obvious to me. The fact of the matter is that I write when I have access to a computer and am doing something on said computer. Obviously I have access to a computer at home, but I don't usually do something on the computer. This is because I've been playing Disgaea 2, which tends to take most of my time.

This also shows that while I will write, I'm not yet dedicated enough to make time for it if I'm not already sitting at a computer. This is ok because change can take some time.

Friday night I worked 7pm-7am. That shift sucks and it really does some damage to your brain.

Saturday night I went out with Jim and Bill to the Kabob and Curry in Providence. I had a Mojito, which was good, and chicken Korma, which was good. It was sort of odd, at the end of the meal I had this feeling that was almost like a rush of awareness. The Mojito had gotten me a little buzzed, but that was before the meal, so it was like being properly full and my body reacting well to it.

Sunday I went to a Timespiral prerelease by myself. I got some decent cards but lost in the games I played. It's ok, because I wasn't going there expecting to kick ass, just to look at new cards and have fun.

I had written to Mason the day before, in the off chance that he might see the email and want to come, but he replied while I was already at the tournament. It turns out that he sold is Power Magic cards for a large amount of money and traded his Jeep in for a Camry all on the same weekend. I feel a little bit inspired by his actions, although inspiration is a strong word to use in the dark-grey-sky world that I live in right now.

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