bakapyrite (bakapyrite) wrote,

One week

I had actually kind of forgotten but in one week I'll be headed out to Denver to hang out with Mike and check out NDK.

My flight leaves from Boston at 9:30am on Thursday, and I'm working till 9pm the night before. I figure I should probably wake up around 5am and try to be out of the house by 6am or so. It's going to suck a little, but I'm going to be taking the first few days off of the next week as well, so once I'm on my way I can (attempt to) relax.

I'm going to be out there for four days and three nights, so I should bring at least four days, and probably five or six days, worth of clothes. Mike wants me to bring along my laptop, so I'll have to bring that too.

I'm looking forward to the con, but I'm more excited about going out to Colorado in general. The times I've been previously have been nice, and I want to see how the weather is out there now.

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