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So many fragments

There are actually a few things that I could talk about here, but I sort of feel like I've talked about them to myself, to Mason, to Jim, and to anyone else that has cared or not cared to listen. Basically, as I was driving in to work this morning a DJ was commenting how Korn just isn't the same without Munkey (or was it Head.. whichever). You've gotta imagine that a guitarist in a rock band probably partook in things which one might classify, from certain points of views, as 'sins'. Indeed, one might assume that more than just a little sin was partaken of. However, Christan-face-guitarist has now seen the "Lord" and so his soul is saved. Naturally, it's not quite that simple. There is theoretically a merit based system where you have to work off your sins before you're saved. But what about if you die accidentally while you're working for the "good guys"? Surely you would have paid off your debt, and "God" is kind and all, so hey, all is forgiven.

The fact of the matter is that if I step outside of such a line of reasoning, then I have to look at it and say that I'm throwing around so many sour grapes. But the question them becomes... why? Why does it bother me? When I was younger, I was more exposed to "the real world" (read: the general, moronic public) both in high school and in college and the arcade. Back then, I espoused a motto of "who gives a shit". Somewhere, I've lost that, what some might call carelessness, but which I would think more of as being care-free. In fact, there were probably two mottos that I had, the second being "I can do anything that I work at doing". One of the good points, I'd say, is that I've so far been decent in writing on an almost daily basis. I haven't really been writing on the weekends, but I can excuse those. After all, even if I do work at writing some day, I still have to have the occasional day off.

Jim is a bit depressed from his recent news, so I'll leave the post on as happy a note as I can muster.

Daffodil, lilac,
bright blueberry, buttercup,
butterfly, damacy.

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