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Dreams and DaVinci

I was kinda tired last night, so I was probably going to get some sleep at like 2am or so. But I figured I'd read a bit of The Da Vinci Code first. (Jeff, one of my co-workers, had lent it to me at the end of last weekend, and I hadn't gotten around to reading any of it.) Of course, I ended up reading through the whole thing. I probably started around midnight or so, and finished a bit after 9am. So much for getting to sleep early. The book is decent, and I enjoyed reading it. It deals with the "truths" behind Christianity and it's impact upon the face of religion. Mainly it focuses on the Mary Magdalene issue. While I enjoyed the speculation regarding the "truth" behind the religion, and found the arguments relatively compelling, I still find myself unmoved by the concept of religion. Supposing that Mary Magdalene had given birth Jesus's child does not justify worshipping her as a Goddess, any more than the speculation that Jesus himself was born of a virgin and was the fleshly representation of the God who has Created All (caps for dramatic effect). It's kind of amusing though, looking around at web sites which try to discredit his novel's "facts". I looked at a couple sites, and their contention seems to be that, since the Bible and "The Church" (the Vatican, etc) along with other sources of their choosing support their point of view, they are obviously correct, and the author of the novel is obviously either wrong, lying, or simply borrowing from or following the dogma of heretics. I think one character said it best with the famous (paraphrased?) line "The victors write the history." One of the sites admitted that "the Bible didn't arrive by fax from Heaven", and I think they were then sort of trying to defend the "historical accuracy/legitimacy" of the Bible, but really they didn't seem to make any effort to argue against the point that humans would most likely write something which would be the most beneficial to themselves.

Anyways, the reason I initially was looking around on the web was because the sleeve of the book itself has a cypher, and I'm too damned lazy to try to break it. Certain letters are slightly bolded, at random. Since this novel deals with many different puzzles and hidden codes, it's completely logical to assume these letters form a message.

So I got to sleep and at 4pm my alarms went off. I shut them off, but only semi-conciously, and went back to sleep for an hour, at which point I sort of realized what happened and suddenly sprung to awareness. I checked the clock, it was only 5pm, so I was able to have cereal and shower and get to work on time. In the hour after my alarm and before I really woke up, I had some sort of dream. I'm pretty sure I've had this dream before, or at least certain elements were from previous dreams. I believe there had been a party at my house. Then I was like.. at a store or something.. somewhere.. with Mason and uh.. someone else. Possibly Bill. It was someone both of us knew, whether or not this person actually exists in real life. Mason and this person drove off in a car, back to the party or something, and I was running I think, though I might have had a vehicle myself (not a car though.. a bike, a skateboard, the ability to move really fast.. something above and beyond normal running or walking). I sort of remembered this scenario, where Mason was telling the other person to get to street X and then turn left and follow it to whereever.. The street actually had a name, but it's not coming to me what it was. I took a short cut, since I figured I could zig-zag to get to the street, but instead I ended up in some sort of .. hm well it was an office, or a complex, or something, and somehow I think it was military, or research, or something. I walked down this hallway, and met some cute woman and we walked to the end, where there were two doors, one at the end of the hall, one on the wall to the left. I knew the doors would be to closets, but I opened one just to make sure. Then I walked back, and the woman walked with me, till she got to her office and I asked her name and told her mine. Then I walked through the cafeteria of the place and three other guys tagged along with me as I left. Then like.. we were somewhere which might have been inside or outside the place, but seemed to involve a road. Something happened to two of the guys, and I was protecting the third one from this large, mean woman. Then I had been awarded with a medal and a trophy, or something, and it was the mean woman who had awarded them to me. She said, "Those are really hard to come by." Or "hard to achieve" or something of that nature. I opened my locker and they were in there, along with a few other awards. Then I woke up.

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