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On the subject of zen

It's both interesting and annoying that often, when I'm about to start writing, my head seems to enter a state of tabula rasa. Thoughts shoot through my head like lightning bolts, and then they are gone, no key on a kite to have caught them. It probably goes without saying that I'm in a similar state right now. I guess the process of writing, itself, can sometimes be used to cause thoughts to begin to flow again, just as I am attempting to do.

Last night I went to Joe's. We played some multi-player Mario Kart and Tetris. As I am not well versed in Mario Kart, I was generally getting my ass kicked. On the other hand, in Tetris I was fairly dominant. I was actually a little bit surprised, because I haven't really played Tetris in a long time, but for whatever reason I was kicking ass. By the end of the night I was exceedingly tired, to the border of sickness. To explain that, I suppose I should begin at the beginning.

Sunday night I set my alarm for 9am. Monday morning around 7am or so I woke up so as to expunge fluids from my ass. I didn't really feel all that tired, but I think it's sort of like a false dawn - you don't really feel tired because you're still too numb to really feel anything at all. So I crawl back in to bed to sleep for a couple more hours, and when 9am rolls around there's no way I'm getting out of bed. It's chilly and I couldn't be roused if archangel Michael himself blew a horn in my ear. So we fast forward to Tuesday morning. I wake up and I get showered and I get dressed and I head out. Now, what I haven't explained so far is the significance of setting my alarm for 9am. Usually it's set for 10am, but being a lazy bastard, I hadn't gotten my oil changed and it was due. So Tuesday I finally get it done. Good.

But now I've woken up at early times on Monday and Tuesday, and I'm feeling fairly zombie-ish. I get to work on Tuesday, and from about half an hour in to the shift till about half an hour before I'm supposed to leave, I'm on this conference call with about six motherfuckers that don't know how to fix a server since it's running Linux and it's customer supported. After an unbelievable amount of dallying and waiting for extra tech support to scratch their head and shrug at the issue it gets resolved, but by this point I haven't hit the bathroom, eaten, or really relaxed in about six or seven hours. I end up getting to Joe's a bit late, so I miss out on a Timespiral draft, but it's just about over anyways so I play a decent amount of multiplayer DS. Getting back to the semi-present, it's late at Joe's and I'm bushed. There's one more factor to this story. Some of the guys that hang out at Joe's also play MTGO and we're in a 9th Edition league where if you rank in the top X players you can win a few packs. I've been procrastinating at playing games so I have 5 matches left to play, and the league ends on Wednesday at 1pm.

I get home and I play three matches. I didn't expect to, but I win all of them. I shoot the shit a little with Mike, since he has an account too, and then I head to bed. I wake up today and play my remaining two matches (I moved the alarm to 10am and was able to wake up decently quickly). I lose the first match, but I win the second one. At this point I'm actually feeling pretty good. I drive in to work, and on the way the dark clouds are occasionally broken with patches of sunshine. While the sun is shining I'm really not feeling too bad, but once I get back under the dark clouds my mood shifts downwards. Today was fairly slow and relaxed, which was good. I dozed off for a little bit and really didn't do much work, but that's more or less average for my shift.


Now, a few "action items" that I'd like to take care of at some point in the near future, possibly Saturday.

1) Get a new harddrive. It's the same problem as it's been for the last month or so, but I've been too lazy to get one. Theoretically the drive could magically fix itself and never die, but I'd rather not take my chances.
2) Get screen protectors for my DS. They're already a little scratched, I guess I should get some.
3) Get a guitar. This is something that I should attempt to research while at work, but chances are good that while I'm at work I won't remember to research it.
4) Get a new chair. I know my chair looks whole and looks like it's fixable, but the noises that I've heard it make before Jim discovered that I probably had the knob on the bottom too tight indicate to me that padding and leather are probably hiding a lot of structural damage. This last item isn't quite as pressing as the others, since I can still use the chair, plus it's bound to be vaguely expensive and bulky to transport, but at some point I should get 'er done.

Also, something that I need to research a bit before I research it. I'm thinking that if I wanted to rent somewhere, that perhaps the Braintree/Canton area would be decent. Braintree would be better, since it's closer to the red line (that I'm aware of) but of course that sort of thing may add 100$ or more per month to the price, which I'd like to avoid. Ideally I'd like to find a place for around 600$ a month, but would probably consider something up to the 900$ area. The trouble is that I don't really know where to look to see what sorts of places are being offered for what prices, so I'll have to figure that out before I can start looking at places and prices.

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