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Fruit bowl or insect?

These past few days I haven't been sleeping well. I'll be dreaming and then I'll wake up and flip over before going back to sleep. Today I had a weird dream.

I was in the house downstairs, and I saw a bunch of fruit like you'd see in a bowl - small grapes, apples, apricots and such. The weird thing was that they were actually the feet of some weird bug that had sort of thick arms ending in those fruit-like things. It was sort of like a sea urchin, except instead of thousands of thin needles there were like 10 or 20 half-inch diameter rods coming out of a central sphere. There wasn't any obvious mouth or eyes or really anything to indicate that it was a bug except for the fact that the fruit were walking on those rods in the manner of a living thing.

So I go to my computer and look on Wikipedia for "fruit like insects" which came up with no correct entries. Then I looked on Google which also came up with no correct entries, but I clicked on a couple anyways. One of the sites I went to actually transported me to some town where there was a gigantic dome over the whole town. I couldn't see the walls on the side of the dome, so I guess you could just say that the town had a physical ceiling instead of a sky, but it was far up. Anyways, there had just recently been some sort of disaster and the town needed rebuilding. Tom Selek was one of the citizens of the town, and he was in some way central towards rebuilding the town. I tailed him a little while pondering if he'd ever heard of a bug that looked like a bowl of fruit.

Then I guess I woke up.


Oh, on other news. I don't think I'd mentioned this specifically, even though one of my action items revealed it. I picked up a DS a week or so ago. I got Mario Kart and Trauma Center as the games. It's a black DS Lite. Basically, Joe and a bunch of the guys that hang out with him have Lites and multi-player games, so I figured I'd get one to be able to play as well.

Yesterday I picked up a Metallic Red Squier (Fender) Stratocaster in a package that included an amp and some other stuff. Jim and I watched a little bit of the tutorial DVD that came with it and played around a little. I had to tune the guitar heavily at first, but now it sounds pretty good. I'd probably have played around with it more, but as mentioned I haven't been sleeping very well and I've been very tired for the last week or so. Besides, I knew Jim would like to play with it and so it wasn't going to be going unused on the first day home. When I look at how small the frets are and how big my fingers are I'm worried whether I'll be able to play it well, but I was able to play the power chords from the tutorial decently, so I feel it'll probably turn out all right.

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