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Two albums, one more than the other

So I've given a full listen to Sinner by Drowning Pool without the pressures of having two other virgin albums to break in, and I think I need to upgrade it's quality. What I called "average" before I'd probably call "decent" now. Sure, it's not much of a difference, but from me all you usually get are subtlties unless I was egregiously erroneous. The overall quality of the album is definitely listenable and enjoyable.

I took City of Evil by Avenged Sevenfold in to my car to listen on my drive to and from work. First off, it's a really long-ass album. I drive somewhere between 60-65 mintues each way, and the album used all of that time and more (by a bit). Secondly, the conclusions I've come to are this: the band itself is really awesome. The drumming and guitar and bass are all excellent. The singer, on the other hand, seriously needs to be replaced. I can bear his singing style in Beast and the Harlot and Bat Country, but it seems like no one ever told him that singing through your nose wasn't a generally good singing technique. Add a somewhat whiney style to his nasally voice and you have a layer of vocal crap over a beautiful tapestry of music.

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