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Random thoughts

What are my goals? What do I hope to achieve? I was reflecting upon my listing of web comics. For a very long time, I'd read MegaTokyo religiously, and I thought that the guys at Penny Arcade had lost their sense of humor after the first block of comics and were assholes. These days I'll read PA through the week and I might click on MT once every month or so. It seems to me that this is reflective of how my personality has been. MT is both a comedy and a drama, where the characters struggle to go on with life and there is some hope that person X may find a mate in person Y. Of course, I could have written that two or three years ago and it would still be as applicable.. part of the problem with MT is that the story progesses at a glacial pace, and after so many years of uncomfortable stares and almost-but-not-quite admitting that people might like each other, it gets boring and frustrating. Meanwhile, PA makes occasionally vaguely witty commentary on the gaming industry.. just the right speed for someone who's not really going anywhere and doesn't want to work hard for their entertainment. That's not to say that PA doesn't deserve it's fame, some of the things they do show flashes of brilliance. But that doesn't make it exciting.

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