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Creeeaaam Cheeesseee

So, I was up last night till probably about noon, reading the other Robert Langdon book (Angels and Demons). My logic was that, since I didn't have to come in to work tonight, I could afford to stay up late. Of course, work wasn't having any of that well-rested nonsense, and called at about 10:30am and left a message on the machine. Once I finished reading the book, and after considering my options, I called back and said I could come in. It meant that I wouldn't be able to have much of a gaming session with Jim, if any, but at least it wasn't till 11pm. I could get 8 hours of sleep or so.

Anyways, I guess Jim came over at 6 or so and watched UHF with my mom downstairs while I was sleeping. Around 8 he finally came up and I was concious enough to turn and look at him. I woke up then, and he played a VS. game against the Granny in HSG, and managed to beat her in 7 rounds. This unlocked the next level of competition, which looks like it's going to be extremely hard to overcome. Then we played the quick course, 9 hole, and I managed to get like 4 under and Jim was 3 over I think. Lately his putting has been terrible and he mostly seems to hit the rough. However, it's just a phase, I imagine. Until this week he had been kicking my ass, but the last few games I've been ahead. (Earlier this week I managed to get two chip-in eagles, one from over 100 yards out. That was pretty much just luck though..)

Sorry about that dude.

Laptop's still in the shop, they said wait till next week and then call. I guess I'll call on Monday, heh.

Anyways, this shift is about up. Later.

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