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On the subject of the denizens of the road

Recently I've run into a new strain of road asshole, whom I will now designate as a "rubberband speed cap". I've made previous posts defining those two types, but to review: a "rubberband racer" will be going 65mph to your 70, but as you start to pass they will start either matching your speed, or accelerate past you. A "speed cap" is a person who is traveling in the passing lane, going +/-2mph of the people they are technically "passing", with a bad habit to never leave the passing lane or vary their speed much, even if a large hole in the travelling lane should open up.

A Rubberband Speed Cap exhibits traits of both supertypes. While tailing a RbSC through a normal herd of cars, they will be going the normal +/-2mph of the other cars nearby. Once you hit a spot where there are no cars for half a mile or so, however, passing the RbSC becomes more difficult than a normal Speed Cap, because they have a tendency to speed up. However, they do not generally have the tenacity of an actual Rubberband Racer - given that you have enough space and speed, you can pass a RbSC... however, it takes a good 10mph extra to pass one as opposed to a standard Speed Cap.

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