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Changes, trials and tribulations

As of this Sunday I have moved in to a new apartment in Allston. My apartment still isn't fully set up, both in the sense that I need to put some stuff away, and that I need a small table for my TV and a cable modem hookup. However, the few days that I've been there so far have been mostly good.

Walking around naked. Yes, I'm sure this is probably one of the first things that people do, and that it gets old quickly. I guess what this really represents is freedom. It's not that being naked is especially that exciting, but that I don't have to care much about my appearance while I'm by myself. Naturally, Jim and Bill could comment on the times I've walked around in my underwear in my old room, but I did try to keep that to a minimum while company was present.

Not having to wait for the bathroom.

Being able to do what you want without having to explain what it is you're doing.

Sleeping better? I'm not sure whether I really am sleeping better or not, since I do seem to notice that I wake up during the night on occasion. However, when I wake up in the morning I'm not nearly as wiped-out-feeling as I used to be. Of course, this could also be a fresh bed helping out.


Having to be responsible for my own upkeep. In a way, this is actually a pro, because I'm being forced to learn how to do things that I've never had to really think about before. However, while I'm still learning the ropes it's sort of mentally stressful. In the end, one of my goals in this grand "experiment" is to foster some more responsibility within myself, so it's to be expected.

Travel/parking. Back at my old place, I was saddled with an exceedingly long, if simple, drive with guaranteed parking. Now that I live in the city I face two relatively annoying options. I can either drive the short distance between my apartment and the office, but when I get home at night I have to search for parking for another 10 minutes and frankly there's no guarantee that I will find a spot. Or, I can leave my car at the apartment and take the T, at which point my travel time becomes similar to what I used to spend driving. A further drawback to taking the T is that going to get food outside of the office becomes a much more lengthy process, and the difficulty becomes much more dependant upon the weather. Of course, driving and parking near my apartment also are probably going to be affected by weather related conditions. During my parking searches I have seen a parking lot somewhat near my apartment which offers a monthly parking rate of 130$, and at this point I think I may have to give it a try, because it will probably offer the ideal solution between short travel times and parking issues.

Old apartment features. The curtain rails for my shower are held up by a rod which makes it difficult to actually open the curtains much from either side, because it impedes the movement of the curtain almost directly in the middle of the front of the shower. The paint is in various states of cracking, crackling, peeling, rusting, and so on. The steam-powered iron radiator cuts about a quarter of the room off from major usability, unless I want to risk damage from steam either through it's normal venting process, or should it have some sort of a breakdown. It's also rather noisy at times, although not so much that I couldn't live with it. There's a pipe in the bathroom which can get very hot to the touch, and it's sort of in the center of the room where it could be brushed up against if I wasn't thinking.


Right now my overall impression of the place is that I like the freedom that it gives, but I don't especially like some of how the place itself is designed and the issues with parking. I can see myself living there for the next year without much issue, but at this (still rather early) time I expect that in a year's time or so I'll probably want to find someplace that might be a little further outside of the city with easier parking. Of course, I also expect that my thoughts can and probably will change as far as what I think of the place... after all, I haven't even been there a week yet. If the parking lot for 130$/mo works out well, and once I have 'net access, perhaps I'll find that I'll really start enjoying the place.

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